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Halos, Clouds, and a Blue Moon?

Here’s another 22 degree solar halo upper arc showing some nice colors – reddish inside, bluish outside. I took this late morning 30 August 2012, just as high, thin clouds were pushing up from the south ahead of Hurricane Isaac. It was raining … Continue reading

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Distant Thoughts

Tuesday night (7 August 2012) was clear and not too hot, so I went out and did a little observing through my “new” 18” Obsession. I decided to view the targets in Sue French’s July 2012 Sky & Telescope article, By … Continue reading

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Primary and Secondary Rainbow Arcs

I caught these primary and secondary rainbow arcs late one afternoon a couple of weeks ago. They are the left and right ends of the same rainbow which never showed as a complete bow. The secondaries are fainter and shorter but … Continue reading

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