Messier Sketches

M27 The Dumbell Nebula Copyright (c) 2012 by Robert D. Vickers, Jr.

The Messiers are generally the brightest and showiest deep sky objects (galaxies, star clusters and nebulae) in the night sky. Here are my sketches of these objects done several years back. All of these observations were made with my 12.5″ Dobsonian telescope from my home in semi-rural western Tennessee.

M1 sketch, M2 sketch, M3 sketch, M4 sketch, M5 sketch, M6 sketch, M7 sketch,

M8 sketch, M9 sketch, M10 sketch, M11 sketch, M12 sketch, M13 sketch,

M14 sketch, M15 sketch, M16 sketch, M17 sketch, M18 sketch, M19 sketch,

M20 sketch, M21 sketch, M22 sketch, M23 sketch, M24 sketch, M25 sketch,

M26 sketch, M27 sketch, M28 sketch, M29 sketch, M30 sketch, M31-32 sketch,

M33 sketch, M34 sketch, M35 sketch, M36 sketch, M37 sketch,

M38 sketch, M39 sketch, M40 sketch, M41 sketch, M42-43 sketches,

M44 sketch, M45 sketch, M46 sketch, M47 sketch, M48 sketch, M49 sketch,

M50 sketch, M51 sketch, M52 sketch, M53 sketch, , M55 sketch, M56 sketch,

M57 sketch, M58 sketch, M59 sketch, M60 sketch, M61 sketch, M62 sketch,

M63 sketch, M64 sketch, M65 sketch, M66 sketch, M67 sketch, M68 sketch,

M69 sketch, M70 sketch, M71 sketch, M72 sketch, M73 sketch, M74 sketch,

M75 sketch, M76 sketch, M77 sketch, M78 sketch, M79 sketch, M80 sketch,

M81 sketch, M82 sketch, M83 sketch, M84 sketch, M85 sketch, M86 sketch,

M87 sketch, M88 sketch, M89 sketch, M90 sketch, M91 sketch, M92 sketch,

M93 sketch, M94 sketch, M95 sketch, M96 sketch, M97 sketch, M98 sketch,

M99 sketch, M100 sketch, M101 sketch, M102 sketch, M103 sketch,

M104 sketch, M105 sketch, M106 sketch, M107 sketch, M108 sketch,

M109 sketchM110 sketch 




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