Caldwell Sketches


C38 (NGC 4565) The Needle Galaxy (c) Copyright 2012 Robert D. Vickers, Jr.

The Caldwell catalogue was compiled by British astronomer Sir Patrick Moore (whose surname is actually Caldwell-Moore) in 1995 to provide observers a new set of deep sky objects to augment the Messier catalogue. They are what Moore considers to be the best 109 viewing targets in both the northern and southern skies, excluding the Messiers. There are many striking objects on this list as well as several challenging ones. He includes a broad range of object types, and I have sketched all that are visible (75) from my observatory location in western Tennessee. These sketches were done between 31 March 2002 and 15 February 2004.

C1 Sketch, C2 Sketch, C3 Sketch, C4 Sketch, C5 Sketch, C6 Sketch, C7 Sketch,

C8 Sketch, C9 Sketch, C10 Sketch, C11 Sketch, C12 Sketch, C13 Sketch,

C14 Sketch, C15 Sketch, C16 Sketch, C17 Sketch, C18 Sketch, C19 Sketch,

C20 Sketch, C21 Sketch, C22 Sketch, C23 Sketch, C24 Sketch, C25 Sketch,

C26 Sketch, C27 Sketch, C28 Sketch, C29 Sketch, C30 Sketch, C31 Sketch,

C32 Sketch, C33 Sketch, C34 Sketch, C35 Sketch, C36 Sketch, C37 Sketch,

C38 Sketch, C39 Sketch, C40 Sketch, C41 Sketch, C42 Sketch, C43 Sketch,

C44 Sketch, C45 Sketch, C46 Sketch, C47 Sketch, C48 Sketch, C49-C50 Sketch,

C51 Sketch, C52 Sketch, C53 Sketch, C54 Sketch, C55 Sketch, C56 Sketch,

C57 Sketch, C58 Sketch, C59 Sketch, C60-C61 Sketch, C62 Sketch, C63 Sketch,

C64 Sketch, C65 Sketch, C66 Sketch, C67 Sketch, C68 Sketch, C69 Sketch,

C70 Sketch, C71 Sketch, C72 Sketch, C73 Sketch, C74 Sketch, C75 Sketch

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